Most of the time when speaking of “Cross-Browser Compatibility” we think about styling and visuals, but it's more than that: Similiar to styles, every browser/engine and version of said supports different JavaScript standards - but what can you do when one doesn't support something you need? No...

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When I first installed Windows 10 on my PC I felt like a lot of the pre-installed software was rather useless, and so I started my Journey to clean up my Windows and save disk space and improve performance by remove everything I felt like I don't need.

Pre-installed Apps

Windows 10 comes with qu...

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When I first started coding JavaScript, I quickly found myself using jQuery because it simplifies a lot of basic tasks ranging from DOM manipulation to animation (which it does rather bad by the way)

But after I got further into JavaScript, I realized that in a lot of cases jQuery is not the bes...

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Did you ever get bored of those boring single-colored backgrounds and wanted to add some subtle patterns to your site but disliked the idea of using images to do so? Well, fear not! CSS3 introduces the repeating-linear-gradient function which makes it easy to create background patterns without the u...

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Did you ever want to create fancy neon effects? No? bad I'll explain how to create them anyways. Neon text mostly is achieved by using the CSS3 property "text-shadow" on multiple layers and a saturated colour, as well as some animations to look more realistic.

Live Example

The most imp...

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