F-Rilling.com is my personal website/blog for sharing my ideas with the world. The back-end consists of the CMS Grav, while the frontend is a custom theme made with Bootstrap4 and a ton of love.

YuGiOh Deck Price

This AngularJS app allows to calculate the value of deck files for the trading card game YuGiOh.

Mystery Gift Opener

Another AngularJS application that simulates the loot boxes from the video game League of Legends.



This library is heavily inspired by lodash and underscore, but with the goal to be as lightweight as possible, both in file size as in performance. It is completely written from scratch with the latest ES features.


A super tiny vue-like framework. Axon is an very small(4KB) JavaScript framework inspired by Vue.js. Instead of using the v- namespace for directives, axon uses x-.


Ok is an very small (600Bytes) utility library to validate forms that require more validation than what HTML5 supports.



A bot for the message client discord with various functionalities.


A powerful bot boilerplate built on discord.js and cli-ngy.


Library to process and handle command-line style commands.


Pricing Table

An UI concept for showing and comparing different Products.

Material Login

Login Interface inspired by googles material design.

Login UI

A Login form for business websites. Light & Blue.

Baseline Landing Page

Baseline is a Landing Page designed for Bootstrap with a flat & modern design.

Construct Landing Page

Construct is a Landing Page for Sites that still are under construction, with a JavaScript based timer until the Site goes live.

Console Landing Page

Console is a Landing Page for Security/Coding Websites that utilizes a Console-style way of displaying the navigation using JavaScript.

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